Acoustic products are becoming increasingly important for architects and designers who need to ensure high sound absorption while designing spaces like conference rooms, lecture halls, hospitality venues, workplaces and other spaces in which conversations play an important role. Using sound-absorbing materials allows designers to make the sounds emitted within the room clearer and free from unwanted muffling.

Emily Ziz can print any designs onto a range of acoustic panels in varying thicknesses and colours. These products are pinnable, lightweight, printable, easy to cut and install, making them ideal for multiple acoustic applications including walls, ceilings and partitions. We print our designs onto a range of base colours, varying thicknesses and all panels can be cut to size to suit the specific needs of the project.  Some of the products that we print onto include, but are not limited to, Woven Image EchoPanel, Autex Cube, Ecoustics and Acoustic Interiors Australia.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements and we can work with you to determine the best specifications for your scheme.


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