Designing interiors for hospitality spaces such as  restaurants, cafes, leisure clubs, and hotels involves careful consideration of various factors to create an inviting and functional environment.  The products and patterns selected need to align to with the brand identity and profile of the establishment. We can work with you to customise the colours and patterns of our designs so that this result is achieved.

Durable and easy care fabric options are important to ensure longevity. Explore our range of upholstery,  drapery acoustic and waterproof fabrics which are all suited for these types of fitouts.

We also offer a range of sheer fabrics designed for ceiling flags and displays in hospitality projects, as well as acoustic products which are important to strike a balance between a lively atmosphere and noise control. Use acoustic materials to minimize sound reverberation and create a comfortable dining environment.

All of our products are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, as well as meet compliance requirements, ensuring that the design adheres to safety regulations and accessibility standards.



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